Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Unit....One Family

Have you ever heard of the Family Systems Theory? I hadn't until this past week in my Family Relations Class. The Family Systems Theory states the family unit consists of one unit. Within that unit are subsets and boundaries between each individual. In my family, my mom and dad are a subset and are the head of the family. They act like the oil that keeps the family running. Since I am an only child, I have a subset with both my mom as well as my dad. I have a close relationship with my mom. Her and I are very similar in many ways, which has only made our bond grow stronger over the years. My relationship with my dad is on a different plane. I have had to work very hard at growing close to him.  When I left for college and was away from our family home, my dad recognized and realized how important our relationship was. Since I have been away at school, the bond between my dad and I has been strengthened. Family is a very important unit and is central to Heavenly Father's plan. By having families, we are fulfilling God's plan. Each person within the family plays a significant role within the entire family unit. We each have a divine nature and eternal purpose to fulfill. As Elder Ballard said;"In these last days it is essential—even critical—that parents and children listen to and learn from one another." We should never feel that we don't have a significant place in our family because each of us are part of a unit – the eternal family!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Family Dinner... Anyone?

     I was fascinated by the recent study surrounding the importance of family dinner and how it is linked with the fact that teens are less likely to be involved in risky behavior later on. After talking about this study in class I decided to read the article.
     I found it very interesting that time spent with family can have a greater positive effect on each individual family member than we may truly understand. I remember learning in my child nutrition class how important it is for children to have interaction with their parents and siblings during meal times. Being able to express questions and concerns while sitting around the dinner table can only strengthen our relationships. The family is usually a safe place where we feel comfortable sharing feelings and thoughts with each other. I can personally testify of the importance of family meals from my experiences with my own family. Over the years, family dinners have been some of the best times for productive communication between myself and my parents. Sitting around the kitchen table and eating a meal together has provided countless opportunities for me to get to know my parents better as we talked about experiences from their childhood, events that have happened during that day, along with their views on certain situations and current events.
     I continue to learn how essential and vital the family is to the Lord's plan. I also recognize that Satan does not want families to stay together and sustain one another. He is doing all he can to break up the family. It is usually by small and simple acts that he does so. It is vital that we learn and understand the importance of the family and hold fast to the eternal bond of families that were created by the Lord.