Friday, November 18, 2011

Communication is Key!

This week in class we discussed the importance of communication along with different types of problem solving strategies within the family. No matter what we do, we are communicating with others, whether it be verbal or nonverbal. It is interesting how we use certain communication skills within our families. These forms of communication within our family can have different meanings or contexts for different people we associate with. We could have a certain standard for something and when others don't live up to that we think they should be, we feel they are disrespecting us when in reality, their forms of communication are simply different. Sarcasm is the most dangerous form of communication. It is not authentic or clear. Sarcasm is not expressing the truth or love for others, rather is defiling them. We can work on our forms of communication by trying to understand what others are saying by role playing in which we repeat back what we heard the person say and ask them if that is what they meant.

We also discussed the council method that the auxiliary uses which can be incorporated into our family councils. President Ballard said, “Ideally, all members of any Church or any family council should share their concerns and should suggest solutions based on gospel principles.” The most important council of the church is the family. If we are wanting to become more like the Savior, we need to become one in purpose. Being married helps us become like Christ as we establish Christ-like attributes. Our communication should be open, direct, civil discourse, and in order. If we are angry, we are not being open or direct because we are forcing the spirit out of our council. The spirit is the main teacher. Something we can consider while we are counseling within our families would be what the Lord's will would be. What would He approve of? It is important that everyone has a voice. Everyone should be heard. We need to begin each council session with a prayer as well as ending with a prayer. Express love for each other before you start the council. Its important that the parents council by themselves before they council with their children all together. Councils help us move the work of the Lord forward much faster and farther because they were created and inspired of God, the Master Organizer as President Ballard teaches.

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