Monday, November 21, 2011

Manage Your Money, Before it Manages You!

Elder Marvin J. Ashton has a pamphletcalled "One for the Money” that has been distributed by the church.  He explains several ways in which we can we can handle our money.

The principle Elder Ashton teaches are:
1. Pay an honest tithing
2. Learn to manage money before it manages you
3. Learn self-discipline and self-restraint in money matters
4. Use a budget
5. Teach family members early the importance of working and earning
6. Teach children to make money decisions in keeping with their capacities to comprehend
7. Teach each family member to contribute to the total family welfare
8. Make education a continuing process
9. Work toward home ownership
10. Appropriately involve yourself in an insurance program
11. Understand the influence of external forces on family finances and investments
12. Appropriately involve yourself in a food storage and emergency preparedness program

How can the principles that Elder Ashton taught be incorporated and make an influence in the family unit? In class we focused mainly on the aspect of paying and honest tithe. When we pay a full tithe we will receive endless blessings, both spiritual and temporal. As husband and wife pay a full tithe they are putting the Lord first in their lives. As they do so they themselves will gain an individual relationship with the Savior, as well as strengthen their own relationship as husband and wife. Something that was discussed that I had never thought of was that siblings draw closer together as they encourage and remind each other to pay their tithing. We need to teach our children how important paying a full tithe is but we must first gain our own testimony of it in order to be an example and teacher for our children. As husband and wife we need to work together on being clear with our budgets. Keeping a budget takes much effort and communication but that is all essential in keeping a strong marriage and family. Often we have our money manage us but we need to manage our money!

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