Friday, December 2, 2011


        What is the purpose of parenting? It is to protect and prepare our children to survive, but to also thrive in our society. In class we have discussed what qualities parents should teach their children. These four qualities include : 1-Respect, 2-Cooperation (the ability to work with another person),
3- Responsibility (the ability to respond to challenges and opportunities) Responsibility=choice+consequences. 4- Courage (doing something that is taking a risk for an outcome) If we can teach these qualities to our children, they will continue to follow them throughout their lives.
         What kind of parent are you? Autocratic (authoritarian) – these parents are direct, put lots of pressure on their children, not much teaching taking place, giving them very few choices, its the parents way of the highway. These children usually are rebellious, dependent,and having no responsibilities. Permissive parents are more of a friend figure, they let the child do just about anything. These children are attention seeking from other people as they did not get that from home. The last type of parenting is active or (authoritative) which these parents are able to negotiate and talk with their child, they have a balance of control and choices for their children. Children are usually stable and well adjusted. These parents listen to their children and give them plenty of choices as well as giving them consequences and disciple when needed. They are loving to their children and yet still maintain control and respect.
         A parenting approach that we discussed was the “I” message. You can use this way of communication not just as a parent but in any situation or relationship you are in. This message has four parts:
  1. “When you ( discuss the action)___________________,
  2. “I Feel” (what are you feeling, discuss emotions) ___________________,
  3. “becasue” (why is it making you feel that way) ___________________,
  4. “I would like” (what can they do) ________________________.

         Parenting is a sacred responsibility that we should never take for granted or lightly!

"Parents should work to create loving, eternal connections with their children. Reproof or correction will sometimes be required. But it must be done sensitively, persuasively, with an increase of love thereafter lest the child esteem the parent to be an enemy (see D&C 121:43)." -M.Russell Ballard

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