Saturday, December 10, 2011


This week in class our focus was on divorce. Some predictors that would influences the likely hood of divorce are as follows; non-religious, less education, parents divorced, age - very young, dual earner household, culture, and race. Those who marry young are more likely to divorce as they have received less education than someone who gets married latter on. We talked about the sex stations of divorce from Paul Bohannan. They are: emotional divorce, the loss of trust, respect, and affection of each other. Legal divorce is when a court officially brings the marriage to an end. Economic divorce is settlement of the property. Co-parental divorce is dealing with those who have children. Community divorce in which parents leave one community of friends and relations and enters another. The last one is psychic divorce, which is the central separation that occurs in which an individual must accept the disruption of the relationship and regain a sense of being an individual rather than a part of an intimate couple.
Some quick facts:
  • Catholics have the lowest divorce rate among Christians
  • Childless couples are more prone to divorce
  • Women who are sexually active before marriage have a considerably higher rate of divorce than those who don't
  • Females adjust to divorce better than men
  • Divorced people have higher rates of suicide, accidents, physical and mental health problems and alcoholism
  • It takes anywhere from 2-4 years to work through a divorce
  • 70% after 2 years regret divorce
  • Divorce are harder on boys than girl children.
Something to consider in all of this would be the mindset as well as the emotional state of both husband and wife who go through a divorce. If there are issues in either ones personality that needs to be worked on and changed and those are not eliminated or are at least acknowledged, those same issues will carry over into another relationship and could very well be detrimental to any new relationship. 

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